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Ministry Training

Jesus is Lord


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Phemi School of Prophets

Today, you have taken another step in your journey towards growth and well-being.

Phemi School of Prophets

spiritual gifts to win the world to Christ. (See Eph. 4:7) 

Before going further, it is important to know that NO ONE CAN TEACH YOU TO PROPHESY. Prophecy is a gift from God. However, you can be taught to identity your spiritual gifts, develop your prophetic effectiveness, and utilize you divine calling. Here is what you can expect from Phemi:

  • Every Monday at 7PM – 8:30PM(EST) Phemi meets on Zoom for training and sharing (Prophetess Brenda Trulear's class; Prophet Lewis's class meets on __________________________.
  • You may confer with Prophetess Trulear one-on-one via phone or Zoom;
  • Online courses are available that you may work at your on pace;
  • Downloadable PDF studies, online activation forums will assist you with interacting and practicing using your prophetic gifts with other interns;
  • You will be mentored as you minister or prophesy to other interns and enjoy receiving personal prophecy as well from those who, like you, are being trained in a safe, learning environment;
  • Proven biblical techniques, activations are taught and executed;
  • We will show you how to enter deeper into the spiritual realm to elevate your God-given ministry gifts;
  • We help you to identify, develop and utilize your Spiritual Gifts and understand the Lord’s aspirations to use you;
  • Prophecy instructors are seasoned and available to speak to you by appointment, one-on-one via phone, or Zoom.
  • Signs and wonders are the Lord’s seal of approval of your ministry, that is why we teach you to activate and use them.

Phemi School of Prophets is an assembly of “prophetic people” who meet weekly for prayer, training, fellowship, and activation of spiritual gifts designed to prepare, perfect, and elevate your ministry gifts. We are a ministry that believes that Jesus Christ has given His people


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