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Do you feel stuck in a situation or perhaps a relationship? Are you facing a complicated challenge? Is decision making difficult. for your life?  Or have you lost your drive, your motivation to move forward with an idea, plan, business or life decision.  If any of these things sound familiar, a professional life-coach may be just what you need!  Brenda J. Medley is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). I will assist you without judgment or criticism with navigating through the bearers and life’s challenges that keep you from moving forward and achieving your goals. Together we will discover your passions, prioritize, and organize steps to reach your desires, dreams and goals. Whether your concerns are regarding self-confidence, obtaining inner peace, or your relationships with spouse, children, career, finances, or spiritual issues, there is assistance available for you. Making decisions to propel you forward toward your life’s goals can be confusing and difficult, why not receive some help?

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c/o Empowered Ministries

P.O. Box 12

Cheltenham, MD 20623


Phone Number: 240-303-2780

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